so i was like ok imma draw jim with a kitten and then some conversations later i was like hella what if jim got a kitten while he was recuperating after the whole stid thing because he was struggling and animals supposed to help and bones just couldn’t not do something about this stray kitten he found somewhere and jim names the kitten spock and he lurves spock the kitty and of course spock walks in on him and be like fascinating and i have no control over my life 

Publicity Photo, “Day of the Dove”While John Colicos was originally going to return as Commander Kor for this episode, he was forced to sit this one out to film Anne of a Thousand Days. The recently-deceased Michael Ansara steps in magnificently as Kang, however, making a lasting impression on the Trek mythos.

Only about six days late- Happy Birthday Star Trek!

Boldly by David Staffell

About to take the stage in Chicago with the Next Gen Cast & Tne Shat!!! (x)